Technology of diesel systems inexorably moves forward. Since the launch of the first common-rail (common pipe) system as far back as 1998 to the present day, altered the three generations of the systems. From the initial system with a maximum pressure in the rail tubes of 1350 bar, up to now 1,850 bar. The system of 2,200 bar is developing now. Also the injectors have been changed tehnologicaly, so over many types of electromagnetic injectors we ended up with the piezo injectors.


slik-c .rail

 1. Pump low pressure
2. Fuel filter
3. Overflow valve.
4. The Chamber of return
5. High pressure pump
6. The pressure regulator DRV
7. Pressure sensor
8. Rail tube
9. Injectors
11.The temperature sensor of fuel


All this of course affects the performance of today’s vehicles, more power, less energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, but also, unfortunately, in higher maintenance costs of repair CR injectors and high pressure pumps from all reputable manufacturers; BOSCH, DELPHI,SIEMENS and DENSO.




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